Little girl’s hilarious Aldi checkout staff impression has mum in hysterics

Aldi the German supermarket
Fill your need for Aldi while the shops are shut for New Year (Picture: @poppyedwardes)

We’ve all been there in Aldi at the checkout, furiously trying to keep up with the cashier’s speedy scanning. It’s a prerequisite of the budget supermarket experience, as the staff try their best to get the queue moving quicker by fast-tracking trolleys of shopping.

They’ve been absolutely roasted here, though, by 3-year-old Lilah-Grace, whose mum Poppy Edwardes shared her send-up.

Lilah-Grace is seen in the video shared to the Bromley mum’s Instagram saying ‘Hello, welcome to the Aldi’.

She then ends up perfecting the scan and throw technique in her toy shop till, quickly putting items through and firing them into a trolley.

22-year-old Poppy captioned the video: ‘My 3-year-old’s interpretation of Aldi workers at the checkouts.’

Lilah-Grace had clearly been present for the pre-Christmas ‘big shop’, which is always a huge rush.

Hopefully the real cashiers she witnessed didn’t also throw bottles of milk at their customers, but we suppose everyone’s a little strung out during the festive season.

You can hear Poppy in hysterics in the background of the video, and clearly others felt the same as it racked up thousands of likes.

So far, 2,200 people have liked the video on Facebook, and 3,300 people have left comments.

Checkout anxiety is real (Picture: @poppyedwardes)

Many people were tagging friends and family, who clearly go shopping with them and understand the checkout pressure trying to put everything in your bags.

One said, ‘it feels like a sport to pack it all in’, while another quipped, ‘honestly terrifies me every time’.

Another commenter even joked that Aldi should give little Lilah-Grace a job in one of their stores.

If it wasn’t breaking numerous child labour laws, we agree that she’d be a great fit for behind the till.

For the time being, though, she’s got her toy checkout to practice on, where the plastic groceries are much easier to chuck around than real ones.

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