King of one liners to grace the Anvil

King of one liners to grace the Anvil
milton jones
Milton Jones’ nationwide tour stops off in Basingstoke Photo: Aemen Sukkar

If you think of the most unlikely secret agents in the country, Milton Jones is probably one of the top names on your list.

But the wild-haired funny man, of Mock the Week fame, will be taking on that role when his nationwide tour, ‘Milton: Impossible’, rocks up in Basingstoke next month.

The 55-year-old comic, donning his trademark Hawaiian shirt, will be taking his audiences through an action-packed story full of his best word-play.

Milton himself describes the show as “just me and some hats and about 250 jokes”.

“Basically, I came up with the title before the show,” he added.

“Sometimes, it’s easier to write to a theme than have a completely blank page. The show is based on ‘Mission: Impossible’, but ‘Mission: Impossible’ has a huge budget and lots of special effects.”

However, the Richmond-born man admits to changing his formula when transitioning from TV to live shows.

“If you’re going to do a show for over an hour you can’t just tell bits,” he continues. “That’s what I do on ‘Mock the Week’ and ‘Live at the Apollo’, which is fine, but you want something with the veneer of satisfaction, otherwise it’s too fragmented.

“This show’s got an interrogation scene, a car chase with a swivel chair, and I end up escaping on top of a Vince Cable Car. It’s not strictly realistic, but it’s as daft as ever.”

However, it’s the daftness that has seen Milton soar to fame. He’s performed in front of 100,000 people up and down the country, and has appeared on Mock the Week over 40 times.

“Going to small place on a Saturday night where they’re all determined to have a great laugh – I don’t think that can be beaten, in one sense.

“With radio or television, you’re as good as the edit, and it’s out of your control. That may well work in your favour, or it may not.

“With ‘Mock the Week’, when I think I’ve done a bad show, I’ll watch it back and think, ‘oh, it was all right’, but when I think I’ve done a really good show I’ll watch it back and think, ‘oh, it was all right’. It all evens out.”

Milton’s last sell-out tour, Milton Jones Is Out There, saw an entire leg of extra shows added to cater to demand, underlining his position as one of the UK’s most popular and biggest selling comedians.

For details of all performances at Anvil Arts visit or call the Anvil Arts box office on 01256 844244. 

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