Keith Flint’s Iconic Items Up For Auction

A collection of personal items belonging to late Prodigy frontman Keith Flint will be sold at auction next month.

Keith Flint’s iconic nose ring – featuring a double silver cone worn on each side of his septum – is among the items on sale.

Keith Flint in 1996
Keith Flint wearing his iconic nose ring in 1996

The singer frequently wore it both on and off stage.

Flint's MTV music awards are included in the sale
Flint’s MTV Music Awards are also up for auction

Other possessions making up the 170 lots include a specially commissioned Gothic-style oak and steel bed, numerous music awards and recordings from his solo projects.

Money raised from the sale will go towards paying debts from his estate.

A custom built oak and steel bed featuring a winged mythical beast
Want his customised Oak and Steel bed?

The Firestarter singer was found dead at his home in North End, Essex, on 4 March aged 49.

Cocaine, alcohol and codeine were found in Flint’s system at the time.

The coroner concluded there was not enough evidence to say the death was suicide.

Following Flint’s death, fans from around the world travelled to Essex for his funeral.

Last month, bandmates Liam Howlett and Maxim celebrated what would have been Flint’s 50th birthday, sharing old photos of him on Twitter and writing: “Not a single day passes u aren’t in our thoughts, we miss you brother.”

Other items in the auction reflect Flint’s love of Speedway bike racing, and include his motorcycle leathers, helmets and items of personal clothing.

The auctioneers have described the items as “almost impossible” to value, and have not given estimates of the amount they expect each item to make.

The auction will take place at at Cheffins Fine Art auctioneers in Cambridge in November.

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