Katy Perry Wow’s Dressed As Hand Sanitiser

Katy Perry Wow's Dressed As Hand Sanitiser

Katy Perry has always been one for a fashion statement – but even by her standards, her look for the first ever remote American Idol show was something else. 

The pregnant Roar star appeared on the series’ first ever remote show dressed up like a custom-made bottle of hand sanitiser, and proceeded to sit like that throughout the entire show. 

You have to applaud the woman’s commitment if anything.  The square bottle declared on the front that it was ‘American Idol Instant Music Sanitizer’ as she called in from her LA home into the main studio. 

Causing an uproar of laughter from her co-stars Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie, Katy told host Ryan Seacrest: ‘Just want to make sure that American Idol is staying as safe as possible.’ 

Teasing her outfit before the show, Katy said in a Facebook livestream: ‘I’ve been dreaming about this outfit for about three weeks, and I had it made.

‘It’s really stupid, and you know that’s how I like it. It’s kind of like slapstick, like Pee-wee Herman.’ 

Well… she wasn’t lying!  Katy and the rest of the American Idol gang were trying out a brand new format in the wake of the pandemic, which means the US has been on lockdown. The 20 finalists instead called in from home and performed from their houses using iPhones. 

three screens, one of Lionel Richie in his house, one of Katy Perry dressed as hand sanitiser in her house and the contestant who is cheering in his house
Judges rang contestants from their homes

Host Ryan Seacrest continued as a host from his home, while the judges spoke directly through him. 

One hopeful, Francisco Martin, managed to pull off the daunting task of actually performing Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream in front of her – which takes some guts. 

Thankfully, she fully approved of his rendition, which moved from a ballad to a more powerful song and back again. 

Unfortunately, only half of the 20 performers will make it through to the top 10 next week in a brutal cut down, which is now left to the public vote.

News sourced from: Metro

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