Kanye West Converts to Christianity: ‘Jesus Is King’

QUEENS, NY - OCTOBER 02: Kanye West performs during The Meadows Music & Arts Festival at Citi Field on October 2, 2016 in Queens, New York. (Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images for The Meadows)

While the news has been pretty much common knowledge for some time, it has now been revealed that rapper Kanye West has converted to Christianity.

Suspicions were first raised when the 42-year-old announced that he was bringing out a gospel album entitled ‘Jesus Is King’.

That’s a pretty large-sized indicator, right there.

If you needed more proof, there’s Kanye’s recent tradition of holding ‘Sunday Service’ in which he shows up somewhere and performs some songs before talking about the issues of the day, including his religious faith.

One of Kanye's 'Sunday Service' events in Utah. Credit: PA
One of Kanye’s ‘Sunday Service’ events in Utah. Credit: PA

Anyway, during one such event, a surprise appearance at Howard University in Washington D.C. the musician told the gathered throng: “I want to let you know that I am not here for your entertainment this afternoon. We are here to spread the gospel.

“Excuse me if I mispronounce anything. I am a recent convert. It means I recently got saved within this year.”

On top of spreading the good word of Jesus Christ, Kanye – who has, in the past, called himself Yeezus – held a listening party for that new album, the aforementioned ‘Jesus Is King’.

Hundreds of ‘worshippers’ flocked to the university at 8am on Sunday after they learned that West was there and performing.

Thousands have been showing up to hear Ye preach. Credit: PA
Thousands have been showing up to hear Ye preach. Credit: PA

Solo act, travelling around a country spreading the good word? Now where does that seem familiar from?

Kanye would do well to remember how that other one turned out, mind.

As for the album, we haven’t got a clue yet to when it will be out. It’s already massively overdue. The release date was scheduled to be September 27, but so far – outside of the few listening parties that have been held around the United States – we’ve not head much yet.

Hey, if he’s holding these parties it can’t be far away, right? Oh, and there is a film release of the same titled scheduled for October 24th – that’s a pretty big clue, as well.

Kanye last released an album in 2018. That’s why fans are starting to get a little antsy about when this new one is going to arrive.

Ye has been teasing this news for a bit. Credit: PA
Ye has been teasing this news for a bit. Credit: PA

Recently, Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian was forced into swiftly deleting a photograph of the pair on Instagram because it was hi-jacked by angry fans demanding to hear the new album.

One fan said: “@kanyewest we need new music man. I’m tired of listening to the same s***.

“Were in a drought and all this new music sounds like the same s*** all the time, we need you to drop some new original s***. #kanyewest the industry needs you more than ever.”


A third offered: “I’m gonna be so disappointed if you delay your album again. Please. I’m counting on you. Give it to me ON THE RELEASE DATE JESUS.”

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