Just a parrot sitting on dog with sunglasses taking a stroll.

Just a parrot sitting on dog with sunglasses taking a stroll.

A video of a parrot sitting on a dog, who is wearing sunglasses during his stroll, has gone viral.

Twitter is a funny place and at times we come across things on the micro-blogging website that leaves us in splits. And we recently stumbled upon one such video.

Rex Chapman shared a one-of-its-kind video with the caption, “Apologies if you’ve already seen a dog in shades out for a walk with a parrot on his head today”

And that is exactly what it is. The 8-second clip shows a dog on a leash walking with its hooman. The best part about the video is that the dog is wearing a pair of sunglasses and all this while there is a parrot sitting on its collar.

We have not seen anything like this before.

Within a few hours of sharing, the video went viral garnering over 540k views and more than 25k likes. Twitterati left some really funny jokes and memes, along with some adorable dog pictures in the comments section.

Have a look.

One user wrote, “That dog’s name better be Captain Morgan.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “I feel like this was an everyday occurrence in the early 90s.”

This is the best thing on the internet today.

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