John Lewis Christmas advert 2019: Fall in love with Excitable Edgar the baby fire-breathing dragon

John Lewis introduces Excitable Edgar

John Lewis has finally released its heartwarming Christmas advert for 2019.

We can now add Edgar the excitable, fire-breathing dragon to the list of cute John Lewis characters to fall in love with. This year the brand, teaming up with its food wing Waitrose for the campaign, is sending a message about ‘the gift of acceptance’.

The advert features a cover of REO Speedwagon’s classic 80s power ballad Can’t Fight This Feeling, sung by Dan Smith from Bastille.

In the clip we meet Edgar the dragon who gets excited and breathes fire whenever he sees anything to do with Christmas.

This causes havoc for the residents of a historical village, as their Christmas tree goes up in flames and the kids’ ice skating rink is melted away. Upset at not being able to take part in the festivities, Edgar hides away in his home. Until a little girl who has befriended him comes up with a great idea for a gift for him.

Edgar breathes fire whenever he gets excited by something Christmassy. He is befriended by a little girl who wants to help Edgar takes his present to Christmas dinner with the other villagers who immediately fear he is going to breathe fire all over their spread.

Instead Edgar shows off his present – a Christmas pudding – and uses his fire-breathing talents to set it alight, impressing everyone at the table. The villagers welcome the dragon back into the fold and everyone has a wonderful time.

Following last year’s campaign The Boy and the Piano, telling the story of Elton John with an appearance from the man himself, this advert feels like back to basics John Lewis. Edgar’s fire burns down the village Christmas tree.

Edgar will be available to buy in stores as a super soft plush toy and slippers, along with a cute kids book about the advert. The excitable Edgars in your life will also be able to pick up a pair of sweet, glow in the dark pyjamas. We’re crossing everything in the hope that they make them adult-sized too.

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