It’s Too Much For The Spice Girls

Spice Girls super-fans will undoubtedly be left heartbroken over the news that the foursome will reportedly no longer be touring Australia.

Their Las Vegas residency plans have also reportedly been ditched.

The reported tour axe is allegedly on account of the fact Geri refuses to go on the road with Mel B again, according to The Sun.

Mel B and Geri met with bandmates Emma Bunton and Melanie C last month to discuss the future of the hugely popular girl group.

Spice Girls are reportedly not touring Australia next year
Spice Girls are reportedly not touring Australia next year (Image: Getty)

The publication reported in July Geri was set to quit the band in a history repeating itself move – following departing the band previously in 1998.

A music source claimed: “Mel B was the driving force behind discussions to go international with the Spice World tour but she wasn’t on the same page as the others.

“She is a real character and has long clashed with Geri, who decided it wasn’t worth carrying on as things could really become explosive.”

Daily Record
Mel B and Geri are reportedly feuding (Image: Getty)

Geri was reportedly left annoyed after Mel B announced at their final show at Wembley Stadium that the girls were set to head to Oz.

Ginger Spice reportedly “made it clear she just wasn’t into carrying the tour on”.

The supposed ongoing feud between the pair means the group are turning their back on some very lucrative deals – with £50million reportedly being on the table.

Geri reportedly doesn't want to go on the road with Mel B again
Geri reportedly doesn’t want to go on the road with Mel B again (Image: Andrew Timms)

Victoria Beckham not being on board also reportedly disappointed MGM Group and Caesars Entertainment. The girl group could still reunite for Glastonbury’s 50th festival next June, however. Viva forever!

Story sourced from – The Daily Star

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