Is Peter Kay Ok?

Is Peter Kay Ok? Fans Express Concerns After BBC's Big Night In

Peter Kay fans have expressed their concerns for the comedian after his first TV appearance in two years. 

The beloved standup was introducing a new version of his charity single “Amarillo” as part of the BBC’s Big Night In on Thursday evening (23 April).

Kay, who has stayed out of the public eye since the final episode of his sitcom Car Share in 2018, was shown sat in the sunshine wearing glasses and a hat and eating an ice lolly.

However, while many heralded the comic’s return to TV screens, they also expressed their concern for his health.

“GREAT to see Peter Kay make an appearance on our screens tonight” said one user. “Poor bloke didn’t look or sound well, but still able to maintain his comedic heart licking on a solero! Hope whatever he’s going through he comes through the other end. Truly one of a kind.”

Another wrote: “Mad that Peter Kay clearly isn’t well yet still maintained his comedic sense simply by eating a Solero while talking to the camera.”

“Great to see Peter Kay, although the legend is obviously far from 100 per cent. Whatever he’s battling, I and I’m sure the rest of the country wish him to get well very soon!” added another fan.

Someone else agreed: “Still thinking about Peter Kay. Clearly, he has been ill. HE wants to keep details private and in times of ill health, when one loses control of everything else, awarding someone the dignity they ask means everything to them. Wishing him all the very best”.

“I adore #PeterKay but the sunglasses tonight made me wonder if maybe he’s been the poorly one? Love him and hope he’s ok xx” said one other user.

“Hope Peter Kay gets through whatever he’s going through. The world’s a better place with him in it” said someone else.

The 46-year-old cancelled his long-awaited UK and Ireland last year citing “unforeseen circumstances”.

He dedicated a charity episode of Car Share to The Lily Foundation, an organisation dedicated to improving the lives of children with mitochondrial disease.

On his decision, the comedian wrote: “I’ve had first-hand experience of the Foundation’s work and I’m proud to raise both awareness and much-needed funds to help with the inspiring work they provide to children and their families.”

Other’s watching Big Night In praised how Kay had not lost touch with normal people, emphasising that some people cannot afford a charity donation. “Peter Kay ‘if you can give something, good, if you can’t then don’t worry, you’ve enough on your minds’” said one fan quoting the standup. “It is very nice to see a celeb who hasn’t lost touch with the ordinary people”.

Another fan agreed: “’…if you can’t, you’ve got enough going on.’ This must be the first time anyone has ever said this on a TV fundraiser. Peter Kay you absolute legend.”

While someone else added: “Watched the Big Night In tonight and felt Peter Kay was one of the only celebrities that is still down to earth. Sat out side, eating his Solero, being all, ‘Donate if you can, if you can’t don’t worry about it – you’ve got enough going on.’ I miss him and I’m sending my love”.

News sourced from: The Independent

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