Christmas Dinner Poll

We all have our favourite Christmas dinner traditions. Which are yours?

  • Yorkshire Puddings With Christmas Dinner?

    • Yorkshire puddings in oven tray
      Yorkshire Pudding being cooked
    • A single pea sat on an otherwise empty plate with knife and fork alongside
      Empty Plate with just a pea
  • Evening Christmas Meal or Lunchtime?

    • Roast turkey, trimmings and glasses of wine laid out on a table by a christmas tree
      Do you like your christmas dinner in the evening?
    • Roast turkey sat in silver dish amongst trimmings
      Do you eat christmas dinner at lunchtime?
  • Bucks Fizz for Breakfast?

    • Glasses of bucks fizz sat on table
      Of course!
      Do you have Bucks Fizz at Breakfast or not?
    • A glass of orange juice with a orange segment alongside it
      I’ll just stick to orange juice…
      Do you say no to Bucks Fizz and just stick to the orange Juice?
  • Smoked Salmon or Ham?

    • Some salmon alongside some lemon wedges
      Smoked Salmon
      Do you prefer smoked salmon or ham on christmas morning?
    • A roast ham and smoked salmon next to eachother on a counter
      Would you go for a christmas ham or smoked salmon??
  • Brussel Sprouts – Love or hate?

    • A pile of brussel sprouts
      Love Them
      Do you love brussel sprouts?
    • A bowl of sprouts infront of a boy pulling a disgusted face
      Eww… Hate Them!
      do you dislike brussel sprouts?

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