Insta-Gran: Pensioner becomes one of World’s Oldest Influencers after going Travelling to get over an Ex

Insta-Gran: Pensioner becomes one of World's Oldest Influencers after going Travelling to get over an Ex

A 67-year-old has become one of the oldest social media influencers after starting a blog after her divorce.

Woman posing in sunhat and swimwear in clear water with picturesque hills and cruise ship in background
She became a travel blogger after a painful divorce. (SWNS)

Linda Malys Yore decided to go travelling after a “painful divorce” which marked the end of her 26 year marriage.

She started a travel blog to share her journey and has since amassed almost 60,000 followers.

Last year alone the pensioner visited ten countries and enjoyed three cruises.

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The mum-of-two from Tampa Bay, Florida is a retired nurse. Her aim now is to “inspire people and encourage people to follow their dreams.”

“It has provided me with something to focus on after my divorce, which was hard to take. Before I started the blogging I felt like I was left with a big void in my life.

“I wanted to start living a little and explore other cultures. I am really surprised at how my social media has just taken off.” She explained.

Social media influencers are typically in their teens and 20s, but Yore is bucking a new trend after carving out a niche online.

“I find it an honour that people come to me for travel inspiration. I hope people thing if I can do it at 67 then why can’t anyone else.

“After a divorce people can do crazy things. I used that negative energy to create something positive.”

Woman walking along city wall to sunset in flowing yellow skirt
Last year alone she visited ten countries. (SWNS)

She admitted feeling “lost” following her break up. Yore married her husband in 1988 and quit her role as a nurse in order to become a full-time-mum to children, Vanessa and Victoria.

Travelling isn’t a new part of her life, despite ramping up her trips these past two years.

When her daughters were growing up she home schooled them so they were able to travel around the US and Canada.

In a bid to focus on her new life, she started an Instagram and Facebook page in January 2018 and followed it up with a blog of the same name.

As a result of her success, Linda now gets asked to go on paid press trips.

She says she owes her success to her daughter, Victoria, who “encouraged her to start a blog”.

At first I did find it quite hard. It took me a lot of time to get used to how to work all of the channels but I’m pretty good at it now.

“My goal has always been to show people what is available out there to see.

“It’s never too late to start something new and to take on a new challenge and I want to show people that.”

Unlike the average backpacker, Linda stays in luxury hotels and resorts all around the world.

Even so, she says she tries to show “the positive and negative side of travelling”.

She has a busy year planned with trips to Egypt, Antarctica, and South Africa as well as going on an Alaskan cruise.

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