Since 1902 people have either really loved or really hated Marmite.

There is no in between when it comes to the yeasty spread – sorry, those are the rules, I didn’t make them.

Marmite wants to try and hypnotise their haters (Image: marmite)

And while the brand regularly aims its adverts and promotions at those who love the stuff, they’re now doing something a little different.

Marmite are on the hunt to find the brand’s biggest haters in hopes they can convert them.

But their plan to do so is a little bit bizarre.

You either love it or hate it (Image: X01988)

By visiting  www.marmite.co.uk/mindcontrol.html Marmite haters can apply for a unique mind control experience that could see them walk away as a fan of the savoury spread.

After answering a series of questions via the website, a panel of participants will be selected.

Once finalised, the lucky winners will travel to London to watch a powerful hypnosis film – under strictly controlled conditions.

The announcement comes just days after the brand’s TV advert premiered, showcasing the possible reactions of Marmite Mind Control as haters watched the hypnotic video and became lovers of the spread.

They’ve just launched the new competition (Image: marmite)

Marmite believe the hypnosis film to be so powerful it cannot be distributed widely or viewed by anyone under the age of 18.

Trained hypnotist Rory Z Fulcher, who was consulted in the development of the campaign, will oversee the experiment as the winners are taken through a series of mind control techniques designed to change their taste perceptions.

He said: “In order to change the taste perceptions of our participants, I’ll be using hypnotherapy techniques. These are used to create positive, measurable changes in thoughts, behaviours and habits.

“In order to take part, our participants have to want to be hypnotised because hypnosis is a self-generated state, which means if someone doesn’t want to be hypnotised, then it’s highly unlikely they’ll go into a hypnotic state.”

Marmite have launched this competition to encourage the nation to stop sleepwalking into the same breakfast choices every single morning and instead, incorporate savoury breakfast options into their repertoire.

Nutritionist, Jenna Hope, further states the case for considering a savoury start to the day.

She explained: “Consuming high-sugar breakfasts stimulates a spike in blood sugar level which provides fast, short-lasting energy. Encouraging the consumption of lower sugar, more savoury breakfasts can help to prevent these constant spikes and crashes.

“Foods such as Marmite, which are fortified with B vitamins, are a great way to optimise micronutrient profiles. With the rise of the vegan movement it’s more important than ever that foods are fortified with vitamin B12 which, otherwise is very difficult to get from vegan dietary sources.”

Written by Dr Jamie Branson

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