Horsham town restaurant to open with fresh new look

Pizza Express horsham

A Horsham town centre restaurant is set to re-open on Saturday with a fresh new look.

PizzaExpress in East Street will be one of the first of the restaurant chain’s UK eateries to showcase a new ‘theatre kitchen.’

The pizzeria’s evolution comes 54 years after the opening of Britain’s first PizzaExpress by the group’s founder Peter Boizot.

Pizza Express
Pizza Express to open with fresh new look

A spokesman said that the Horsham restaurant’s new look stemmed from Mr Boizot’s “simple ethos – to bring people together over great pizza and good times through shared passions – food, drink, music and creativity.ADVERTISING

“A new portrait of Peter takes pride of place in the Horsham pizzeria in celebration of the man who first introduced pizza to the UK in 1965.

“Having used ‘open kitchens’ since before the term was coined, the new kitchen takes centre-stage at the heart of the pizzeria, bringing the theatre and authenticity of PizzaExpress’ craft to the fore.”

The Horsham eaterie – which can seat up to 138 customers across two floors – will open with a new Christmas menu featuring three new pizzas: a Romana Porchetta, a Quattro Formagi and a Vegan Zucca on a sage base topped with rocket and chilli oil.

Manager Ali Prior said: “We’re excited to welcome our Horsham superfans back to our stylish new pizzeria, which showcases the kitchen at its heart, designed to allow our customers to watch our talented pizzaiolos freshly handmake their pizza to order.

“Our re-opening comes at an especially exciting time, as we get into the festive spirit with our Christmas menu. With some tasty new additions to our offer, we are really looking forward to dough-lighting our customers with each one that we serve throughout the festive period.

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