Hope it doesn’t taste of cardboard!

Special Delivery!

A mother treated her son to a special delivery for his birthday after she baked him a cake that looked exactly like an Amazon cardboard box.

Nina Evans Williams, 54, from Anglesey, Wales, sculpted the highly-detailed cake for her son Kane Evans’ 24th birthday on February 2.

Her son had been receiving weekly deliveries from the online retailer throughout lockdown and she used this as inspiration for the cake which her son thought was a ‘boring parcel’ at first.

The cake itself is even sat on an intricately crafted “concrete porch” which is yet another layer of sponge cake.

The Amazon delivery cake took Nina two days to complete – including spending an entire day baking the four tiers of the cake itself. 

Nina, who works as a cake designer, said: ‘He actually thought it was a package delivered for him!

‘He gets deliveries quite often, almost weekly – and he’s known for that especially during lockdown – so I thought that would be a fantastic!

‘This year he didn’t want a Liverpool Football Club cake, so I told him it was a surprise,

‘The day before, I banned him from the cake cabin so he didn’t see it until his actual birthday.’

Nina, who runs Nina’s Cake Cabin, added: ‘He came into the cabin and I said there was a boring parcel for him on the table and when he got closer he was like ‘oh my god!”

The 15 x 10 x 5 inch cake took a whole day to bake in the oven, and another day to ice it and add finishing touches. 

News Source: Daily Mail

Written by Nicky Wicky

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