Holiday 2020: Best value secret holiday destinations – including hotels for less than £30

Holiday 2020: Best value secret holiday destinations - including hotels for less than £30

Getting your money’s worth on holiday is important to many Britons and a new survey has revealed the best value secret holidays in Europe for British holidaymakers to visit in 2020.

Viscri, Romania took home the top spot for being the cheapest undiscovered destination to visit.

A village deep in the heart of Transylvania, Viscri is one of Romania’s most famous villages, featuring a UNESCO World Heritage fortified church and the village is known for continuing practise of medieval traditions. Vouchercloud also reports that it costs a mere £36.89 per night to stay in the scenic village.

The Transylvanian village was followed by Cuenca – one of Spain’s most memorable villages.

Complete with steep cobbled streets and medieval ruins, travellers can get the most from Cuenca with an affordable stay at £24.45 per night with the average return flight at £67.50.

Marvão, Portugal took the number three spot, with hotel prices at £26.25 per night and return flights at £72.50. The town feels like a retreat as it sits high above the surrounding countryside.

Collage photo of Viscri, Cuenca, Marvão and Kladska
Viscri, Cuenca, Marvão and Kladska made the top 10 (Image: Getty Images)

Kladska, Czech Republic, came in at number four thanks to its acres of greenery and therapeutic springs with average hotel costs of £27 per night and return flights at £77.50.

Kladska was followed by Lastovo, Croatia; Lavenham, England; Clonakilty, Ireland; Sperlonga, Italy; Fontainebleau, France; Koguva, Estonia; Folegandos, Greece; Amarstapi and Hellnar, Iceland; and Torshavn, Farce Island.

Commenting on the list, vouchercloud founder Greg le Tocq said: “So often people think that when booking a holiday you have to choose between somewhere that’s expensive or somewhere that’s better value but heaving with tourists. vouchercloud’s research has shown it’s possible to venture off the beaten track without paying huge amounts of money. You can mix up your holiday destinations and avoid the cliches whilst still shopping smart.”

More and more Britons are keen to save money on their travels and want to indulge in a quality holiday experience without breaking the bank.

Luckily, one travel expert has revealed a tip that could help travellers bag a premium seat for less.

Nicky Kelvin, Director of Content at The Points Guy UK, spoke to and explained that by considering indirect flight paths, not only can travellers find the best deals, they may also find themselves getting an upgrade for a reduced price.

“Weigh up whether a cash ticket or using your miles and points makes sense, but for cash tickets, Google flights is my go-to and I always look at different departure points around Europe for long haul flights to try and nab cheap flights, especially in premium classes,” he said.

Lastovo, Croatia
Lastovo, Croatia was listed as one of the best value holiday destinations for 2020 (Image: Getty Images)

“For example, if I want to fly to Bangkok, I will try departing from Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo.

“I sometimes find business class flights for a quarter of the price that you might see the equivalent flights with a London departure point.

“You just need to get to the relevant city (and maybe add in an extra weekend break) ahead of starting your long haul trip.”

While it may add on an additional day or two to the trip, the savings and the elevated flight experience could be worth it.

However, Mr Kelvin also has some other ways to save on the cost of flights.

A beach in Clonakilty, Ireland
Clonakilty, Ireland is known for its dairy farming (Image: Getty Images)

For him, booking in advance is key for sourcing the best savings.

Furthermore, there is one day of the week that Mr Kelvin cites as boasting the best savings.

“The best day of the week to book a long-haul flight at the cheapest price is often a Saturday night – it’s always worth checking the ticket and seeing how much money you’ll save.”

Mr Kelvin’s comments are reflected in research by Holiday Hypermarket who revealed that passengers can cut costs by opting to travel on certain days of the week and avoiding others.

The firm found that weekend departures on a Friday or Sunday could save travellers “hundreds” when compared with a Saturday.

Ian Crawford of Holiday Hypermarket said: “We analysed holiday prices from all of the leading operators and it’s clear to see that if you can move your travel plans by just a few hours, couples and families can save hundreds of pounds on their holiday.”

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