Heirloom or Condiment?

A poor bride got ripped to shreds when she posted about her love for her family heirloom engagement ring on Facebook .

The good people of Facebook did not hold back when it came to ruining this bride’s love for her engagement ring (stock image) (Image: Brentwood Gazette)

The woman gushed about the ring which was handed down through the generations of her family – but people had some outrageously brutal – and crude – things to say about it.

She said: “My grandmother and grandfather gave me my great-grandmother’s cameo ring,’ she wrote on the post, before adding: ‘I love it so much.”

Her first mistake, however, was posting the picture of the antique engagement ring into notorious Facebook group That’s It, I’m Ring Shaming.

Before long the sentimental piece of such importance was compared first to a ‘squirt of mayonnaise’ then to ‘semen’.

And we can see the comparison… (Image: Facebook)

Yes, you read that right. She’s wearing a ring that looks like semen on her ring finger.

The Texas -based woman’s ring bears a squiggly, backwards S white shape in its centre, on top of 14k gold .

One commenter wrote: “It looks like a squirt of mayo!”

While another wrote: “Looks like a squirt of aioli.”

Toothpaste was another, gentle comparison, but another commenter ruined it all by simply stating it looks like “semen”.

It’s certainly an unusual design… (Image: Facebook)

A more beautiful – and kind – comparison was that it resembled a “swan”.

And another person, clearly lacking all imagination, simply labelled it a “blob ring”.

This unfortunate woman is not the first to have been ruined by brutal ‘ring shaming’.

A bride-to-be was mocked for her ‘tall’ wedding ring that people are saying will be a ‘nightmare with jumpers’.

The woman, called Stacey, was teased for her “tall” rock after she showed it off online (Image: Facebook)

The woman, known only as Stacey, shared a picture of her ring to Facebook group ‘That’s it, I’m ring shaming’.

Stacey asked for the group’s opinions on her “classic but boring” ring.

Many were quick to comment on the height of the diamond – jokingly asking if the ring hits its head on a door frame as she walks through.

Another commented: “You’ll take someones eye out with that”.

While another bride-to-be’s unusual engagement ring received widespread backlash on social media, with users comparing it to a “pair of tweezers” and a “taser gun”.

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