Hampshire Man Builds His Own House For £140,000 Using YouTube Videos

Hampshire Man Builds His Own House For £140,000 Using YouTube Videos
Couple outside new home
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A man from Hampshire built his own house from scratch for about £140,000, despite the fact that he has basically no DIY experience, and mostly used YouTube tutorial videos to find out how to do stuff.

Sure, it took him ten years, but the result has been that 51-year-old Graham Harley is now the proud owner of a bungalow with five bedrooms in Ringwood, that is worth way more than the £140,000 or so that he put into it.Advert

Balancing his building work with his family and work, he learned skills like roofing and plastering by searching online.

This all started when a builder jokingly told him that anyone could build their own house if they wanted to.

Graham decided to take him at his word and got cracking.

Foundations of house
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Wooden framework of house
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So, across the whole plot of land there is a main house, as well as two out buildings that contain a TV room and a gym.

Inside the main portion there two bathrooms, a large open plan lounge area, a kitchen, and a dining room.

Given that houses in the area go for about £450,000 on average, he’s done pretty well for himself.

He’s not planning to sell up, mind. The plan now is for Graham and his partner Mandie Wales to live in the house until they can both happily retire there.

Graham said: “I got the idea years ago. A friend of mine was building their own house and they asked if I could carry the blocks.

“So I did that and watched the work. I got to know a builder very well.

Modern open plan living dining area
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Exterior of house from rear
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“When the opportunity arose I asked him to come and have a look [at my property]. He turned up and said it would be easy.

“It wasn’t the answer I was expecting! He then disappeared for a few years but when he turned up again I had started building.

“I had taken him out of context – he meant to just do the brickwork.

Couple in new kitchen
Credit: SWNS

“It’s been a labour of love. The family have been very supportive.

“I would work as long as the light allowed. Everything took longer because I was learning.”

Couple outside new home
Credit: SWNS

Mandie added: “Initially I didn’t think much would come of it. Graham just said he was going to do it – he reckoned it would take 18 months.

“This is now our long-term home. We can completely retire here. There’s a wet room downstairs.

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