Government grants £500,000 for sustainable transport in Slough

Government grants £500,000 for sustainable transport in Slough

The government has granted £500,000 to Transport for Slough to encourage residents and visitors to the borough to travel more sustainably

Row of Hire Bikes

The sustainable transport team Better works closely with schools, businesses, faith and cycle groups in the borough, to encourage and support children and adults to use other modes of transport from the car.


The additional funding will allow the project to continue its aims to increase the number of exercise residents get as well as reducing the number of cars on the road and consequently C02 emissions.

The programme began in 2016 with £1.5m of funding from the Department of Transport’s Access Fund for Sustainable Travel. The additional money has been granted from the same fund.

To secure the extension into the fourth year of funding the team had to submit a bid that had to prove there had been positive results being achieved in the borough.

Projects already run by the team include:

The cycle hire scheme for residents, which also has a corporate element for commuters, cycle leader training, working with schools to create walking buses, spending time at school holiday camps with a variety of bicycles, numerous school events with stunt riders, bike safety, and repair pubic events and bike security marking.

The team has also trained up advocates who help residents with disabilities to use public transport which opens up access to leisure facilities, training, and jobs.

Boosting the local economy

The initiative aims to enhance access to jobs, skills, training, and education and improve the health and wellbeing of Slough residents.

Misha Byrne, senior transport planner, said: “This cash injection gives the sustainable transport team the security to carry on with vital projects in the borough which we know will make all residents lives better.

“The team has worked hard over the past three years to change behaviours and the positive results happening in the borough has resulted in more funding to continue this work.”

Councillor Rob Anderson, cabinet member for transport and environmental services, said: “Changing people’s habits is a hard job, but trying to get people out of their cars and using bikes, public transport or walking, has a positive impact on the borough as a whole.

“The extra money granted will continue the good work by the Better by team.”

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