Genius Hack of Cutting Dogs Nails!

Genius Hack of Cutting Dogs Nails!

We’re all having to resort to different techniques to get normal things done in lockdown. Due to coronavirus closures, many people with pets have been unable to get their nails or claws clipped at the vets – so have been faced with the challenge themselves.

woman bent down while her dog licks peanut butter off her head while she is cutting its nails
Linds uses Peanut Butter to help cut her dogs nails

And it seems one woman has gone above and beyond to tackle her canine’s paws. TikTok user @linds_shelton has posted a video of the unusual method she uses to cut her dog’s nails in lockdown – and it’s got people talking.

In the video, Linds – an ICU nurse – can be seen with cling film wrapped around her hair. She then starts smothering peanut butter all over her forehead.

She says to the camera: ‘This peanut butter does not have xylitol, before y’all freak out.’ As she applies it to her forehead, her partner can be heard in the background asking: ‘What the hell are you doing? You dork.’

To which she replies: ‘Oh I look like a dork? I’m about to look like a genius.’

A few moments later, Linds can be seen sitting in front of her dog encouraging him to lick the peanut butter off as she faces down to cut his nails.

woman bending down with cling film wrapped around her head with peanut butter on
She uses Peanut Butter smeared on cling film on her head

In other words – she’s successfully distracted her pet with peanut butter.

Naturally, her unusual technique has caused quite a stir on social media. The video, which has now been watched more than 2.4 million times, has attracted more than 4,900 replies – with most commenting on the sheer brilliance of the hack.

One person replied: ‘A woman ahead of her time.’ While another commented: ‘Sis is living in 3030.’

Another added: ‘Best thing I’ve ever seen. Ever.’ Someone else joked: ‘You need to run for president.’

News sourced from: Metro

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