Florists add note taking blame for late Valentine’s flowers for those who forgot

It's the heroic act we need right now

Pine & Ginger Floral Co is offering a service to take one for the team and accept full responsibility for the late delivery of Valentine’s flowers

A lot of lovers might be waking up in the dog house this morning after failing to come up with a romantic gesture on Valentine’s to show their other half just how much they care.

It’s the heroic act we need right now

Despite the most romantic day of the year being rammed down our throats in every shop window and social media post, it can be so easy to leave things a little too late.

So when you’re handed a thoughtful gift, triggering that sinking feeling that you have nothing to give in return, wouldn’t it be great to be able to shift the blame?

Enter Pine & Ginger Floral Co.

The florists are providing a relationship-saving service, offering the delivery of a bouquet of flowers on Monday with a comprehensive note taking full responsibility for the late arrival.

A letter
Hopefully it gets you back in the good books

Sharing a copy of the letter on its Instagram account, the brilliant marketing ploy might need some of your own small fibs to make it slightly more convincing.

It reads: “We sincerely apologise that you didn’t receive these flowers yesterday on Valentine’s day. Our delivery man was bitten by a dog and couldn’t fulfil your partner’s order, which we can confirm they made months ago in preparation for this very special day.

“This was definitely not at all a last minute order. They really love you, we promise. This is our bad.”

It finishes: “We hope you’ll direct your anger and disappointment towards us, our delivery guy and most importantly the dog.

“Don’t blame your partner, it’s not their fault. They told us they love you very much.

“Again, just to clarify, the late delivery isn’t your partner’s fault.

“We hope you enjoy the flowers – we made sure they’re as beautiful as you.”

With the florists based in New Zealand, you may have to find one closer to home which is also willing to take the fall – but others loved the idea.

One tagged their partner and wrote: “Think i figured out who you ordered my flowers from.”

Another commented: “This is gold!”

A third also shamed their other half and said: “Guess mine are coming on Monday then.”

Know someone who desperately needs this service?

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