First Video Call For The Royals

First Video Call For The Royals

Many people are taking on new hobbies and skills during their time in lockdown, and Prince William and Kate Middleton are no different.

The Duke of Cambridge, 37, and his 38 year old Duchess wife have carried out their very first royal engagement via video call.

Kate and William spoke to pupils at Casterton Primary Academy in Lancashire, where some children are still in school as their parents work on the frontline against the current coronavirus crisis.

Prince William and Kate Middleton sitting together in a video call laughing together
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge make their first royal appearance via video call

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis’ parents were seen giggling as the students presented them a bouquet of paper flowers, before they went on to thanks the school staff for the efforts throughout the epidemic.

The students showed the royal couple their Easter themed arts and crafts, including a collage filled with rainbows and love hearts, which read: “Thank you NHS”.

Kate enjoyed a conversation with nine year old Lloyd, who had worked tirelessly making the flowers, and his 10 year old friend Harris, saying to them: “What are your names? Very nice to meet you.

“I’m Catherine and this is William next to me. Are you holding up pictures of your mummies and daddies?”

Referencing his drawing, Harris replied: “This is a picture of my mum and she works for the NHS as an admin for the health visitors and I’m really proud of her.”

Kate replied: “Ah, great photo – well done, it’s brilliant. I agree you should be very proud of her, they’re doing an amazing job all the NHS workers, so well done you.”

William also complimented the children, who were wearing novelty bunny ears ahead of this weekend’s celebration, telling the students: “They look like the real deal.”

Split screen of video call between school children holding up paintings and Prince William and Kate Middleton smiling at them
Prince William and Kate Middleton video calling school children during lockdown

Anita Ghidotti, the chief executive of the Pendle Eduction Trust has discussed the future King and Queen’s chat with the pupils, revealing the pupils also asked them who the best famous person they have met is.

She told MailOnline: “I bet they don’t get asked very often. The Duchess said that Prince George has been watching lots of David Attenborough’s Blue Planet so that would probably be hers. The Duke said his favourite people weren’t actually famous.

Discussing their “virtual” flowers, she added: “[Lloyd] had spent three days painstakingly making paper flowers covered with ladybirds for the Duchess.

“He spent so much time on it and called himself the origami king. He did a virtual handover of his posey. He was very proud.

“The flowers had ladybirds on them and the Duchess said her Louis loved ladybirds and had been in out in the garden looking for them.”

News sourced from: OK! Magazine

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