Inside The UK’s World-First Cheese Themed Hotel

The world’s first cheese-themed hotel, The Cheese Suite, has launched by Café Rouge in Camden, London. A free one night stay is offered from 29th January to 6th February. Come brie our guest for a gouda time!

Cheese-lovers are not going to brie-lieve their eyes when they clock the first ‘cheese-themed hotel’.

The Cheese Suite, in Camden, London, will be open until 6 February and is a ‘homage to fromage’ with cheese-themed wallpaper, artwork, bedding, cushions and even some cheese-scented soap.

A bed against a wall with cheese wallpaper
The world’s first cheese-themed hotel, The Cheese Suite, has launched by Café Rouge in Camden, London.

The special room was commissioned by restaurant chain Café Rouge, after a report revealed that people are munching their way through 700,000 tonnes of cheese each year – with each Brit eating an average of 27.4 grams a day.

Guests will find plenty of cheesy cookbooks to inspire them to whip up something delicious in the suite’s kitchen, as well as some cheese-themed board games to keep them occupied.

Perhaps most exciting of all, there’s also a ‘cheese hotline delivery service’ which will provide you with ‘melted cheesy goodness’ straight from Café Rouge.

A cheese themed kitchen
The special room was commissioned by restaurant chain Café Rouge

Talking about the unusual concept, Jacqueline Fletcher, head of marketing at Café Rouge, said: “We wanted to give the nation somewhere new and exciting to be totally immersed in one of their favourite foods in none other than a cheese-themed hotel, while also trying some of our winter dishes from the comfort of the sofa.”

If you fancy a stay at The Cheese Hotel, you’ll need to enter a ballot here for a one-night stay. Winners are selected at random and the deadline for entering is 11.59pm on 6 February.

Two people jumping on a bed
There’s also a ‘cheese hotline delivery service’

And there’s even more good news, because it turns out that tucking into cheese could be the secret to a longer life – good eh?

A 2018 study from McMasters University in Canada found those who indulged in more than two portions of cheese a day saw decreases in the chance of stroke and the risk of cardiovascular disease. The study also found similar benefits from those who ate yogurts and drank milk, too.

Those who ate less than half a serving a day saw their mortality rate rise by 44.4 percent, five percent of which was down to cardiovascular disease.

Mahshid Dehghan, lead author of the study said: “Our findings support that consumption of dairy products might be beneficial for mortality and cardiovascular disease, especially in low-income and middle-income countries where dairy consumption is much lower than in North America or Europe.”

Wonderful news.

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