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Earthing is a new sport created by Mark Aaron Saus, which combines running and swimming. It is not a biathlon (which is an endurance event), but a power sprinting event over 110m. The earthing champion is the fastest human on Earth – over land and through water. This sport started in Denmark in the summer of 2013.

Combining the two most spectated sports at the Olympic Games, running and swimming, Earthing has amalgamated these two events into one powerful race. Earthing is the quest to find the fastest human on Earth; running on land, flying dive through air and swimming through water. Including a new era in biomechanics for the all important spectacular flying dive of the “TRANSITION”


The full size (long course) running track is 60 m long, the surface suitable for running bare foot. At the end of the running lanes there are transitional target discs, continuous with a 50m swimming pool (the short course is 30m running and 25m swimming). The takeoff for the dive must be with the foot within the target disc. The winner is the first to touch the wall at the end of the swim.

The Track

The long course running track is 60 meters. A short course track is 30 meters. The track is a non slip, non abrasive rubberized surface ideal for running bare foot, in the not so far future amphibious footwear will be designed. At the end of the running lanes there are transitional target discs. Adjoining the end of the track is the swimming pool, this being either a 50 meter long course pool or 25 meter short course pool. Every meter of the first eight meters in the pool is marked with lines on the pool floor – and in the future on the surface by guided lasers – so that the earthlete can measure the distance of the flying dive. Marked as E1, A2, R3, T4, H5, I6, N7, and G8. Taking into consideration the world record long jump is 8.95 meters. This means that at elite or Olympic level (G8) is achievable. The total length for a long course earthing track is 110m, the short course is 55m. In the future Earthing has designed a 400m Earthing distance.

The Rules of Earthing

The Start

  • No false start, or the Earthlete shall be disqualified.
  • The Earthlete comes to the start line as the whistle blows to start the race, to a crouch or block start.
  • The starter will command “Earther’s take your mark” and a signal sounds to start the race.
  • The earther must remain within their lane marking from start to finish of the race so as not to be disqualified.

The Transition

  • The transition launch must be with one foot within the marked outer disk, the inner disc is for the Earthlete to transition safely. If the foot is outside of the outer disc the competitor will be disqualified.
  • The earthlete executes a dive and upon entering the water undulates to a distance no greater than 15 meters (short course) and 20 meters (long course) meters from the transition pad.

The Swim

  • The Earthlete swims the remaining distance using freestyle.
  • The race is completed for time with a wall touch, so as not to be disqualified.
  • The Earthlete shall exit the pool after the last competitor has finished the race.

More Details

The Earthing Sport website is no longer active. I hope this is just temporary as this is a well thought out sport that should continue

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