Dog Eat Dog: ‘Bored’ Sports Broadcaster Goes Viral for His Play-By-Play Video of His Dogs Eating

Dog Eat Dog: 'Bored' Sports Broadcaster Goes Viral for His Play-By-Play Video of His Dogs Eating

Andrew Cotter documented his two dogs facing off in an adorable eating competition

BBC Sports broadcaster Andrew Cotter is staying busy at home with a little help from his Labradors.

On Friday, Cotter, 46, hilariously narrated a food-eating competition between his dogs Olive and Mabel in a video he posted on Twitter. “I was bored,” he captioned the footage that has subsequently gone viral.

“Well how fitting that it should come down to these two,” the Scottish sports broadcaster said in the video as he filmed the two pups beside each other.

“Olive five-times the champion, Mabel the rising star, winner last year,” Cotter explained. “You can see how excited they are but feel the tension.”

Olive quickly kicked off the competition by beginning to feast on her food bowl as Mabel slowly followed suit. “That might cost her now having to play catch up,” Cotter said of Mabel before narrating the “contrast in styles” between the two dogs.

“Mabel heavy tail use, happy to be alive, everything is amazing,” he said, adding that Olive is “more steady, wasting little energy. Very much more of the old Labrador school. He means some serious business, don’t bullocks around wagging your tail. ”

As Olive continued to increase her lead, Cotter said, “Mabel seems just a little sluggish here, perhaps more was taken out of her by the warm medicine that she was given last night than we thought.”

“But Olive, super focused, relentless,” he said. “Tasting absolutely nothing.”

Olive quickly claimed victory, eating up everything in her bowl, much to Cotter’s amusement.

“Olive taking everything, nothing left but the bowl to lick now,” he said. “And Mabel doesn’t seem too upset. A lot of class there from the youngster. Generous in what will surely be defeat because Olive has won now.”

“She has taken the title back at 7 and a half but looking to offer congratulations again to the dog that was her inspiration growing up,” Cotter added. “Wonderful to see that spirit in the game. Great rivals but great friends.”

At the end of thez video, the two dogs adorably switched spots and began digging into the other’s bowl.

Many Twitter users responded to the adorable competition — including Ryan Reynolds.

” ‘Tasting absolutely nothing’ “, the Deadpool actor wrote with four laughing emojis, quoting a line that Cotter said in the video.

Alex Massie, a columnist for The Times, also responded positively to the video, writing, “Tremendous. I’ve watched it four times now.”

Cotter has worked at BBC since 2000 and has covered events like the 2011 Australian Open and the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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