Disney Confirms Whoopi Goldberg Is Officially Returning For Sister Act 3

Disney confirms Whoopi in Sister Act 3

Whoopi Goldberg is officially returning for Sister Act 3, because we all know it wouldn’t be the same without her.

The news was announced by Disney today, December 11, as part of it’s Investors Day news. Other massive announcements such as the release date of Indiana Jones 5 and Christian Bale starring as the villain in Thor 4 were also revealed.

As well as the news of Goldberg’s return 30 years after the last Sister Act movie, the film giant stated that Good Deeds actor and director Tyler Perry will be directing the movie.

Sharing the exciting news about the third instalment to the Sister Act franchise, Disney tweeted, ‘Sister Act 3 is in development! Microphone @WhoopiGoldberg returns to star and produce, with @TylerPerry as producer as well. Sister Act 3 will premiere on @DisneyPlus.’

People took to social media the express their excitement surrounding Sister Act 3 and Goldberg’s return.

One person wrote, ‘About damn time. Musical, hip nuns always make the dark times better’, while someone else said, ‘I am soooo watching this and cannot wait’.

One extremely enthusiastic person tweeted, ‘there is going to be a sister act 3. I repeat, there is going to be a sister act 3. Teacher says take off your motherf*cking robes!!!!!’

Meanwhile, some people were slightly less enthused at the news of Perry directing the upcoming film. One Sister Act fan wrote, ‘it’s hard to trust Tyler Perry with Sister Act 3 when he allowed this wig to happen to Whoopi’.

Questionable wigs aside, I think we can all agree it’ll be pretty good. A release date is yet to be given for the film.

News Source: Unilad

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