Crumpets, Chocolate and Gravy Sales Soar As British Crave Comfort Food

Crumpets, Chocolate and Gravy Sales Soar As British Crave Comfort Food

What makes us feel better in a crisis? Comfort food, of course.

But it seems the demand for comforting British food truly has sky-rocketed during the pandemic – according to data from British Corner Shops (a company which mails British food to those missing it around the world, as well as the UK). The data shows that Heinz baked beans and Warburton crumpets were the most popular foods sold between 1 February and 20 April 2020.

This is a 44% increase for baked beans and a 55% increase for crumpets, compared to last year. Chocolate and gravy were also among the top 10 most-shipped products, with sales of Cadbury Creme Eggs up by 127% and Bisto Gravy Granules up by 122%.

Unsurprisingly, flour is another item which has soared in popularity – with sales of McDougalls Plain Flour up by a staggering 14,201%.

The demand for cleaning products such as antibacterial hand gel and Dettol antiseptic spray has also dramatically increased- but that’s to be expected. The data from British Corner Shop also sheds light on what British residents in other countries are craving.

Over in America, people are missing Walker’s prawn cocktail crisps and McVities Jaffa Cakes, while those in Italy are purchasing Branston Pickle and McVities Ginger Nuts the most.

However, it’s not just homesick Brits abroad – British Corner Shop has revealed that it’s seen an enormous 1,572% increase in revenue from those living in the UK.

Managing director Mark Callaghan said: ‘We have seen a real increase in the comfort foods which remind people of home – even from those who are living within the UK.

‘We’ve also seen an increase in the number of customers in the UK and abroad who are sending care packages containing products like chocolate, soup and crumpets to loved ones in isolation.

‘This proves that food is not only a huge comfort during a crisis, but people believe sending it is a great way to show you care and stay connected.’

News sourced from: Metro

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