Creepy Colin

Chances are that if you grew up in the UK you have been presented with a Colin the Caterpillar birthday cake at least once in your life, right?

You may even be lucky enough to still get a Colin on your big day. The chocolate sponge cake which is covered in a hard layer of milk chocolate is a Marks & Spencer icon – famous for its delicious taste and adorable caterpillar face.

Well, the good news is now you don’t have to wait until your birthday because M&S has released a Creepy Colin the caterpillar in time for the Halloween season!


We love his bright green face and feet, his eery pink eyes and the chocolate maggots covering his back (which replace the smarties on the regular cake), the £7 Colin sure has had a creepy makeover alright – and he’s not alone.

Remember when M&S gave us mini versions of Colin and everyone went wild? Well, there will also be mini creepy Colins for Halloween and they come in at only £2 each!


Oh, and the freaky fun doesn’t stop there. M&S has a whole new festive menu for the Halloween season, seeing all of your classic M&S food hall favourites transform in name of Halloween.

There are spooky Percy Pigs and Count Colin the Caterpillar gummies for £1.65 each or 2 packets for £3, perfect for trick or treaters.

There’s even savoury Halloween treats too such as the ‘Meatloaf Mummy’, the bat-shaped fried chicken ‘Box o’ Bats’ and ‘The Melting Mummy’ pizza with mozzarella bandages, all only £4 each – and these are only a few of M&S’s spooky offerings! 


The Halloween-themed treats are available in stores now so whether your hosting a Halloween party or are just getting prepared for the flood of trick or treaters on the 31st,  M&S appears to be the place to go for Halloween – if you dare!

Story sourced from – Hello!

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