Couple use ‘beer boy’ instead of flower girl in wedding!

Couple hailed iconic at wedding with beer boy as oppose to flower girl

A couple of newlyweds opt to go against the marriage tradition of having a flower girl in their ceremony – instead choosing to have a ‘beer boy’ who handed out cans of beer.

Most weddings stick to a number of different traditions – particularly when it comes to wedding parties – such as having bridesmaids, groomsmen and usually, the maid of honour and best man, too.

Many couples, especially those with children in the family, also choose to have flower girls and page boys take part in their special day; something which leaves all the guests muttering, ‘awwww.’

One pair of newlyweds, however, have gone in a completely different direction when it comes to their ceremony, and they’ve even been branded ‘iconic’, sharing a clip which revealed a ‘beer boy’ walking down the aisle of their wedding handing out beers, in place of a flower girl.

Groom Brendan, who goes by the name @dekemp on TikTok, shared a clip of his friend walking barefoot down the aisle, wearing a summer shirt, shorts and a beer bucket around his neck, filled with flower petals and cans.

The man casually alternated between throwing pink and red flower petals over people’s heads in the crowd and chucking beers – thank goodness he didn’t mix those two up, or that or that could’ve been a trip to A&E for an unlucky guest.

Anyway, the unusual wedding feature seemed to down a treat, as guests can be seen grinning as they’re handed cold cans of beer.

And, it’s not just the guests who were impressed with the beer boy, with hundreds commenting on the video to share their appreciation.

“This is actually iconic,” one person commented, while another added: “Omg, I wish I was invited to the wedding for the beer and the music alone.”

A third wrote: “I love that this wedding was exactly what you wanted it to be. It’s absolutely awesome.”

News Source: Mirror

Written by Nicky Wicky

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