Could this be the fastest wheelie bin in the world?

Could this be the fastest wheelie bin in the world?
Side by side images of modified wheelie bin
Andy will attempt to set a world record (Picture: Essex News and Pictures)

A man has customised a wheelie bin to give it a top speed of 36mph.

Andy Jennings, 27, spent 200 hours adapting the bin into a green speed machine, adding a motorbike engine and parts from a mobility scooter.

He’s now able to hop inside and easily overtake dog walkers when he takes it for a spin.

So much better than getting drunk and pushing someone around in a shopping trolley.

Andy built the beast to raise money for a childhood friend Ben Ellis who suffered brain damage from a blood clot and now requires round the clock care.

He will attempt to set a world record for the fastest bin when Guinness Book of World Records inspectors come to evaluate him in May.

Andy said: ‘A lot of my family and friends have been wondering what on earth I was doing it for but now it’s actually out there and working it’s nice as I can see their reaction.

‘Even my fiancee, Emma, was impressed when she saw it and I think it’s fair to say she was a bit dubious beforehand.’

The bin has been customised with the rear axle of a go-kart, as well as a 110cc four-speed pit bike engine, a bike seat, handle bars from a kids’ scooter and the seat post and steering from a mobility scooter.

He took the bin for its first outing on a closed road near to an industrial unit he rents, and captured footage of the moment the bin reached 36mph.

‘There were a couple of dog walkers just staring at me open mouthed but then came up afterwards and shook my hand and said “it’s a good idea”, he said.

Andy added: ‘I’ve always loved playing around and tinkering with cars. I’m a design engineer by trade so I’m always working on machinery and robotics.

He said Guinness had told him he needs to be recorded travelling at over 30mph to set the record.

Andy, originally from Essex but now liviing in Swindon, applied to Guinness World Records last June and work on the wheelie bin began last year.

The rules state he will have to use a standard upright wheelie bin and no aerodynamics are allowed and he’s not permitted to use it horizontally.

There will also have to be full print out and timing sheets – with the average speed from three runs being taken to make the record.

wheelie bin whizzing along
The bin has to be upright for the record attempt (Picture: EastNews)
Design for modified wheelie bin
The design of the bin (Picture: Eastnews)
The motor part of the bin next to the bin itself
The motor part of the bin next to the bin itself (Picture: Eastnews)

He’s yet to set an official date for the record attempt but anticipates it will be in the middle of May at a drag racing venue in York.

His friend Ben was left with brain damage from a blood clot after he broke his leg in an accident on his family farm in Essex in 2015.

Andy is hoping to raise at least £1,000 towards his care at the Marillac neurological care centre in Brentwood.

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