Chris Tarrant’s Son Shares Verdict on Michael Sheen’s Quiz Performance

Chris Tarrant's Son Shares Verdict on Michael Sheen's Performance

TV viewers, including Chris Tarrant’s son, are sharing their thoughts on Michael Sheen’s performance as the presenter in the new series about Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’s coughing scandal.

Three-part drama Quiz began last night (13 April), and it stars Matthew Macfadyen and Sian Clifford as Charles and Diana Ingram, the married couple who cheated their way to the £1m prize fund in 2001.

Both critics and viewers have been praising the series, with The Independent calling it “a brilliant, big-hearted romp through one of the great British scandals of the century” in its five-star review.

Michael Sheen playing Chris Tarrant in new ITV drama Quiz. He is surrounded by loads of paparazzi and police
Michael Sheen playing Chris Tarrant in new ITV Drama, Quiz

It seems the most praise has been reserved for Michael Sheen, though. Months after ITV released the first photo of the actor in action as Tarrant, who hosted the show from 1998 to 2014.

One such fan was Tarrant’s own son, Radio X DJ Toby, who shared his verdict on Twitter following the first episode.

“Really enjoyed Quiz tonight, looking forward to the rest of it,” he wrote, adding: ”Michael Sheen as expected is brilliant as Dad.”

Tarrant then quipped: “To be fair, he’s so good he’d probably be convincing as my Norwegian auntie Tina.”

Numerous others who watched the show concluded that Sheen souded more like Chris Tarrant than the man himself.

Lenny Henry wrote: “Michael Sheen as Chris Tarrant is what’s happening.”

Sheen himself provided a DIY re-enactment of the famous quiz show from lockdown on last week’s episode of The Graham Norton Show, leaving viewers in hysterics.

Quiz continues tonight (14 April) and concludes tomorrow (15 April) on ITV at 9pm.

News sourced from: The Independent

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