China’s Children Wear Home Made Social Distancing Hats

China's Children Wear Home Made Social Distancing Hats

Children in China are getting used to the new normal by wearing hats they have designed themselves that feature a three foot piece of card to remind them of social distancing.

The headgear, nicknamed the one-metre hat, is allowing them to go back to school after three months away while keeping their distance. Pictures show children returning to class yesterday at the Yangzheng School in Eastern China’s Zhejiang province. As well as keeping their distance, the children wore surgical masks.

young chinese girl in a grey school uniform wearing a face mask and her 2 metre balloon hat
One girl was more creative and used balloons

The homemade hats are mostly made out of cardboard but some have been a bit more creative, with one girl using balloons.

Vice-principal Hong Feng told local media: ‘This was our own creative idea. It helps us promote our slogan: “Wear a one-metre hat, keep a one-metre distance”.

To ensure schoolchildren maintain proper hygiene practices, pupils are not allowed to have any physical contact with one another, and cannot break their hats.

It is compulsory for them to wear their surgical masks, and pupils must also undergo regular temperature screenings, reports said.

As Covid-19 infections surged in China at the end of January, schools and universities were told not to re-open even as the Chinese New Year holidays ended on January 29. Lessons were moved online, and city officials across China were allowed to resume classes at their discretion.

Chinese children in a classroom all wearing grey school uniform, face mask and distancing hats
China’s school children won’t be allowed to touch each other and have regular temperature checks

Junior and senior high school pupils in their final year returned to class on April 13, and fourth, fifth and sixth year primary school pupils on April 20. Those in grades one, two and three returned on April 26, while nursery schools are set to reopen on May 6.

Zhejiang remains the region with the third-most coronavirus cases in China after the provinces of Hubei and Guangdong.

The provincial health commission has reported 1,268 total cases and one death, while its capital Hangzhou’s last recorded case was an imported asymptomatic patient on April 20.

News sourced from: Metro

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