Chill-arious moment weatherman has sNOw idea about Brr-illiant mistake

Chill-arious moment weather man has sNOw idea about Brr-illiant mistake
Man with wizard filter over face
Well isn’t that wizard

A weatherman was left red faced – and much more to boot – after he accidentally activated a random funny filter generator on a camera before delivering a piece about heavy snowfall. Watch the clip below – it’s definitely worth your time:

Live TV, eh? So many things that can go wrong. Most presenters will have a horror story about something wild happening during a spontaneous broadcast, but few are as funny as the one that Justin Hinton now has.

Hinton was about to go live on WLOS ABC 13, a local TV channel in Asheville, North Carolina, when he accidentally put on a camera filter that cycled through a variety of hilarious augmented reality additions to his face.

He was, at various points, wearing a big gold chain, blessed with a load of weird and wacky facial hair and an actual wizard. Oh, and at one stage he also had giant googly eyes.

Collage of face filters on man
Here’s a few of the best bits. Credit: WLOS ABC 13/Facebook

It’s hilarious.

Looking back on it, at least Justin was able to have a laugh at his own expense. It seems as if, before going live, he knocked on the strange filter and then handed the camera to the photographer he was working with.

In a later Facebook post, he explained: “The photog[rapher] I was working with said something about the screen having weird faces,

“He didn’t elaborate, so I said it would probably go away. Needless to say, it did not go away.

“I didn’t realise it until I stepped off camera and saw the comments where people were talking about the faces. My bosses, co-workers, friends, PIOs and more called/texted saying how funny it was.”

He signed off: “If you can’t laugh at yourself, what’s the point of laughter? I hope you enjoyed the snow day, and remember to smile and laugh!”

Screenshot of Facebook update
He saw the funny side, at least. Credit: Facebook

Well, it seems as if everyone else was having a decent chuckle at the hilarious accident, too.

The story eventually made it all the way to NBC’s Today Show on Saturday. Now everyone across the entire United States of America has seen his mishap.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive, too. Viewers have been queuing up to tell Justin that he gave them a decent giggle in a news environment that can often be a bit oppressive and negative.

One person wrote: “That was awesome!! I love it! Thank you so much for the great laugh!!”

Another said: “Loved it so funny. Wish we could see more funny things like that in mist [sic] of all this bad news..”

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