Catfish Alert! This Instagram Account Photoshops Cats Into Hilarious Creatures

Catfish Alert! This Instagram Account Photoshops Cats Into Hilarious Creatures

The creator of the Koty Vezde (Cats are Everywhere) Instagram page sees cats, well, everywhere. 29-year-old Galina Bugaevskaya from Moscow photoshops cat faces on various animals and things. It’s cute. It’s weird. It’s hilarious. It’s the second time we feature her on our site because she has made lots of new funny pics since our last post which you should check out here.

Cat photoshopped onto koala
Bear with us


Cat photoshopped onto cashew nut
Cat-shew nuts
Cat photoshopped onto chicken
Clucking Mad
Cat photoshopped onto lamb
What the Sheep?
Cat photoshopped onto bee
Buzz off
Cat photoshopped onto toothpaste
Copied and Tooth pasted
Cat photoshopped onto micro pig
Grassing around
photoshopped cats
We’ll just leaf this here
Cats photoshopped onto dandelion
Dandy Lion
Cats photoshopped onto squirrels
Cats photoshopped onto snow
Cat photoshopped onto butterfly
The Very Hungry Cat-erpillar
Cats photoshopped onto Baby Yoda
Frightful on you are
Cat photoshopped onto pastry
Food for thought
Cat photoshopped onto snake
Cat photoshopped onto avocado stone
One big avocado
Cats photoshopped onto baby rabbits
Hare Raising
Cat photoshopped onto croissant
Its a new dawn, its a new day and I’m feline good
Cat photoshopped onto fish
Catfish Alert
Cats photoshopped onto virus cells
Cat photoshopped onto rabbit
Rabbiting on

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