Cat Rescue Centre Saved

The Cat’s Whiskers Rescue didn’t have enough money to pay off vet bills and appealed for donations on social media.

Their post received nearly 500 shares and in less than 24 hours, you raised £4,000 for them.

Community saves Aylesbury cat rescue

They have been left speechless by your donations and can now continue their great work.

Volunteer Amanda Broome told us:

“It’s absolutely amazing.

“Owner, Sarah, had rung me the night before really down, thinking she was going to have to give everything up.

“I didn’t sleep that night because I thought if she gives it up there is going to be such a massive hole in that side of the community.

Sarah has told us they spend at least £1,500 on vet bills every month and they are currently looking after 25 cats.

They always need more foster carers to come forward, you can get involved here.

Sarah said:

“I don’t know how to find the words to say this, but thank you!!

“We are completely blown away. Your generosity has left us all speechless, over joyed and incredibly humbled.

“The total raised this morning is £4091.25!!!!!

“This is completely life changing.

It means we can clear our vet bill, we can stock pile some desperately needed kitten food, we don’t have to worry where to find the money for the next sick or injured cats that come in.

“No sleepless nights while we agonise over how to find hundreds of pounds in a couple of days.

“And most importantly of all, we are here to stay!!

“To everyone who helped, be it a £1 to hundreds, from those who gave one off to those who want to extend their support and have set up monthly direct standing orders you have all saved lives, THANK YOU!!!”

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