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Whhhaaattt ! – Bubble Bubble, Tyre and Trouble

The air in your tires does not need to be the same as an aircraft

A dangerous car tyre with extensive bubbles bulging from it was spotted while a driver was dropping their children off at school.

The tyre – which would have failed the car’s MOT – was photographed by a council officer patrolling near a school in the Normanton area of Derby.

Tyre bubbles or bulges happen when the side wall of the tyre become damaged, usually from driving into a kerb or a pothole.

The structural integrity of the tyre’s sidewall is compromised and causes the internal air pressure to create the visible tell-tale signs of the damage.

According to Derbyshire Live a member of Derby City Council’s public protection team pulled the driver over.

He advised the driver to head straight to a nearby garage to have a new tyre fitted.

The dangerous tyre (Image: Derby City Council public protection team)

Good Spot Officer!

Whilst on patrol PPO 9712 witnessed this car on a school run. When it was safe to do so 9712 advised that the car came off the road and into a garage close by. New tyre now fitted.

Perhaps his actions saved this driver from a costly repair – or worse!

The council’s team also got a few replies, with one asking if the driver was children’s TV favourite, Mr Tumble. 

While others worried about standing too close in case it exploded.

news from The Mirror

Written by Dr Jamie Branson

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