BrewDog Burger Blunder

BrewDog has had some controversial ideas over the years – anyone remember the pink beer for girls debacle?

But the brewery and pub chain’s latest offering might just be the most unusual yet.

The company are offering customers a brand new hybrid burger, which is partly made up of a very surprising ingredient.

In attempt to bridge the gap between the worlds of meat eaters and non-meat eaters, they’re serving up a patty made from half beef and half plant-based fake meat.

BrewDog announced the creation in a post on Twitter .

They said: “INTRODUCING: THE HYBRID BURGER. 50% plant-based Beyond Meat & 50% beef burger patty. Melted vegan gouda cheese. Crispy onion straws. Potato rosti. All sandwiched between Matcha Tea buns.

“50% less meat, 100% delicious. Try it now in your local burger-flipping BrewDog bar.”

But their post wasn’t received very well by fellow users who quickly branded the burger “dumb”.

One person replied: “As someone who enjoys meat, this burger is dumb.

“I do enjoy the idea of eating a Beyond Burger to see how it actually compares to real meat, but when its 50/50, what’s the point??? All or nothing.”

Someone else simply commented: “This is trash!”

A third added: “Is it April 1st today?”

However not everyone was totally opposed to the idea, with some people thinking it was a good way to cut a little meat out of our diets.

A different user wrote: “Probably appealing to the large number of meat eaters who wouldn’t dare to order a veg burger but might be tempted to try something that’s a bit of both. People are incredibly picky –I think this provides an option for people in the middle and encourages them to go veg next time.”

A second thought: “This seems like a great way to reduce meat consumption for people who might have a hard time giving it up entirely at first!”

Responding to the critics, BrewDog’s customer service Twitter account explained why they’d created the burger.

They said: “We’ve seen a growing demand for alternative proteins, and we already stock vegan friendly options in all of our bars, but we wanted to do something for flexitarians – people looking to cut down but not totally stop eating meat.”

Story from The Mirror

Written by Dr Jamie Branson

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