Bracknell singer performs ‘concert’ to street amid coronavirus lockdown

Bracknell singer performs 'concert' to street amid coronavirus lockdown

A man from Bracknell entertained an entire street on Sunday as he performed a ‘concert‘ from outside his house in the sunshine.

Talented Charlie Luffrum, from Trumbull Road, Priestwood, who frequently performs at the Prince of Wales pub, told neighbours via a Whatsapp chat set up amid the coronavirus outbreak about his plan to sing and play guitar to the street at 4pm.

As well as many nearby neighbours, the concert was also viewed widely online and enjoyed live by thousands from as far away as Canada.

Starting at 4pm, Charlie had locals singing in their back gardens and dancing together (at a distance) from the front of their homes.

Delivering classics from Oasis to Sweet Caroline, Elton John hits and many more, Trumbull Road joined together to enjoy a couple of hours in the warm weather to sing-along while maintaining the social distancing rules.

Residents have talked about Charlie singing for a post-coronavirus street party celebration once things calm down.

One said: “This is wonderful, uplifting music.

“We are sat in our back garden thoroughly enjoying every song.

“Absolutely the best way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon.”

Another said: “This is amazing! I think it really cheered everyone right up.”

To see the video in full here…

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