BOG OFF! I’m Busy: Every Episode of ‘Tracy Beaker’ Is Now On BBC iPlayer

BOG OFF! I'm Busy: Every Episode of 'Tracy Beaker' Is Now On BBC iPlayer

PSA: Tracy Beaker is on BBC iPlayer and this is *not* a drill.

Tracy Beaker Cast
All 61 episodes are available to binge watch (Credit: BBC)

All series’ of The Story of Tracy Beaker are now available for you to watch on BBC iPlayer, and honestly it is the nostalgic trip down memory lane we need RN.

It’s been a while since we caught up with Tracy, so if you need a recap, fear not. The telly adaptation is based on the 1991 book by our childhood fave, Jacqueline Wilson.

It focuses on Tracy (played by Dani Harmer) who is growing up in a care home which she calls the ‘Dumping Ground’.

Justine Littlewood (Montanna Thompson) in Tracy Beaker
Us watching every episode of ‘Tracy Beaker’ (Credit: BBC)

We first meet Tracy when she returns to the care home after being kicked out of foster parents Ted and Julie’s house because they were expecting a baby.

This is when we meet Louise (played by Chelsie Padley) – Tracy’s best mate – and Justine Littlewood (Montanna Thompson) – who becomes Tracy’s worst enemy.

Over each series, we watch Tracy’s journey in and out of the care home, where the imaginative 10-year-old dreams that her absent, glamorous and rich mum will come and take her away.

Viewers also see Tracy’s relationship with Cam unfold. Cam is an author who visits the Dumping Ground to write a story, but the pair strike up an adorable – but at times difficult – bond.

The Story of Tracy Beaker ran for five series from 2002-2005 with sequels Tracy Beaker Returns and The Dumping Ground released as follow ups.

Fans are already going wild over the news on Twitter, with one calling calling it a treat.

Another tweeted: “All of the Tracy Beaker episodes have been put on iplayer, how amazing”.

While another said: “All episodes of Tracy Beaker are on iplayer my entire life is sorted x”.

One fan pointed out that along with Disney+ dropping last week, having Tracy on BBC iPlayer during lockdown was basically like “one long after school TV sesh”.

There are 61 episodes in total, with each lasting around half an hour. That’s a *lot* of binge-watching – and we cannot wait.

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