Barking Mad: Sausage Dog is so Happy his Hoomans are at Home he Sprains his Tail Wagging it Too Hard

Barking Mad: Sausage Dog is so Happy his Hoomans are at Home he Sprains his Tail Wagging it Too Hard

Rolo was very excited to see his family working from home (Picture: Emma Smith)

Our pets are suddenly getting loads more quality time with their loved ones, who now they’re working from home can hang out with their cat or dog all day.

One dog who had a slightly excessive reaction to this joyful news is Rolo, a seven-year-old dachshund who managed to strain his tail by wagging it so hard.

Rolo’s owner Emma, 21, from Essex, said: ‘Now we as a family – me, dad, and my sister Rachael, are working from home.

Rolo loves getting fussed over (Picture: Emma Smith)

‘When we were at home he wanted to constantly play and wagging his tail, and then a few days ago his tail was under his legs and wasn’t moving, even when we were playing and we thought it was strange.’

Noticing a sudden drop in Rolo’s tail-wagging, the family took him to vet, who said he had strained his tail from wagging it too hard.

That’s right – the sausage dog was so excited to spend time with his family that he caused himself an injury.

Rolo had strained the ligaments and tendons between his tail and spine. He was treated with an anti-inflammatory injection in his tail and is now taking painkillers every day for a week.

He’s already in much better shape two days later. While Rolo can’t yet lift his tail, he can wag it side to side again.

Thankfully he’s getting plenty of fuss and attention from his family while he recovers.

‘He gets separation anxiety sometimes so he always wants to be with people,’ Emma, a trainee accountant, explains.

‘Rolo loves people and attention. He will knock your phone out of your hand to give him belly rubs.

‘When we come home from work he gets super excited and has the zoomies for about half an hour.

‘In self-isolation we are going for walks, cuddling while I’m working from home and watching Netflix.’

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