Aston Martin DBS Zagato – The Gorgeous GT with a historic catch

A few months ago, Aston Martin and Zagato released renders of the DBS GT Zagato. When we saw it then, we were amazed by a few things. First, it has no rear window, second, it’s incredibly expensive and third, you have to buy a DB4 Zagato Continuation with it.

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Now, the car has finally been unveiled for real at the Newport Concours in Rhode Island. Aston Martin says they will build 19 sets of both cars and you have to buy both. There’s no way to cut a deal for just one of the cars. It’s both or nothing, not that you’d want to pick one over the other.

Aside from the eye-watering price these cars command (£6 million, or roughly $7,477,440), we should talk about some of the other details. First, under the hood of the DBS GT Zagato (the new car) is a 5.2 liter V12 making 760 horsepower. Shown first in Supernova Red, the car features black anodized metal detailing on the grille and gold anodized side strakes as well.

Aston Martin say the interior options include a finish using a technology they call physical vapor deposition that requires upwards of 100 hours of 3D printing to produce as well as additional polishing and finishing.

The gold interior finish is certainly an eye-catching choice, and I’m not sure I love the look of it but if you’re in the market for a not one but two Aston Martins for three million pounds a piece, I can see how it might be your style.

The DBS GT Zagato also features a grille composed of diamond-shaped carbon fiber pieces that adjust to adapt to aerodynamic conditions. We were excited to see what that would look like!

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