Apple-d: Apple Working on a New iOS 14 Feature to Let Users Retract Text Messages Before They’re Read

Apple-d: Apple Working on a New iOS 14 Feature to Let Users Retract Text Messages Before They're Read

Apple is testing a series of new features for Messages, including the ability to retract awkward or embarrassing text messages.

A retracted message would leave a small bit of fine print showing that a person had withdrawn their last text, similar to how read receipts appear in text message threads.

The new feature could be part of iOS 14, Apple’s next major update to its mobile operating system currently planned for release in September alongside a new generation of iPhones.

Man looking shockingly at phone
Apple is reportedly working on a new feature for iOS 14 that will let users retract text messages after they’ve sent them, potentially eliminating awkward or ill-conceived exchanges

There’s a possibility the new feature could also be delayed for a later release or patch, according to a report from Mac Rumors that claims to have seen information confirming the feature is in testing.

The feature appears to be part of a larger project to overhaul Messages on both iPhones, iPads, and Macs to make more competitive with Slack.

Another new feature being tested seems directly modeled on Slack, allowing users to tag or mention people in their contacts using an ‘@’ sign.

Tagging or mentioning someone in a chat would trigger a notification on their device showing the specific message, making it potentially less disorienting for newcomers in a group text thread.

The feature will also include the ability to mute notifications for group threads unless a user is specifically mentioned, making it possible to keep track of what people are saying about you without having to keep track of every entry in the thread.

Messages between group of friends
Another feature reportedly in the works will let people ‘tag’ or ‘mention’ new users to add to group text threads using the @ symbol, similar to how Slack works

Apple is also working on a feature that will let users mark specific text messages as unread, even after they’ve opened them, which could help users remember which messages they need to reply to.

Perhaps the biggest change rumored to be coming to iOS 14, however, is a new Fitness app, intended to let Apple compete more directly in the fitness tracker market.

Little is know about the app currently, but it’s said to support a broad range of exercises, including running, yoga, strength training, core workouts, and more.

Insiders believe it will also let users download workout videos and be compatible with Apple TV.

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