Aldi’s SIX LITRE Prosseco Bottles Are Back

Aldi 6 Litre of Prosecco Bottles on Sale 1st November

Budget supermarket Aldi have relaunched their wildly popular six-litre bottle of prosecco, ensuring no party host will fear running out of alcohol this festive season.  

The German supermarket is launching a super-sized six litre bottle next month – giving shoppers time to stock up ahead of Christmas parties. 

The £99.99 Giotti Spumante Prosecco Methuselah is the equivalent of eight regular sized bottles and is packed with enough fizz to fill 64 glasses

But it’s 25 per cent more expensive than last year’s offering, which set customers back £79.99.

Despite seemingly offering a bargain, Aldi’s regular 1.5 litre magnum of the exact same variety of prosecco costs £13.99, meaning it’s priced at £9.32 per litre.

Meanwhile, at £99.99 for eight litres, the extra large version is more than a third more expensive – at £12.50 per litre.   

Last year, the fizz sold out in just one day, even though it didn’t offer value for money at £79.99 either. 

The budget supermarket says the wine is ‘light, fun and frothy – with notes of parma violets, ripe pear and papaya, as well as having a soft and well-balanced palate.    

Aldi’s Wine Expert, Mistress of Wine Sam Caporn said that its vital the drink is kept cold.

Despite the seeming bargain, Aldi’s regular 1.5 litre magnum of the same variety costs £13.99, meaning it’s priced at £9.32 per litre (pictured) 

‘We all know that it’s vital to chill your bottle of bubbly before serving, but if you don’t have the luxury of a completely empty fridge, getting your Methuselah cool can be a little trickier than your average bottle. 

‘I’d recommend chilling your Methuselah in a large bucket filled with ice, or leaving it outside if it’s nice and cold, to get that lovely cool fizz.

She added that removing the cork from the big bottle is a ‘two man job’.  

‘First remove the muzzle – but make sure you keep hold of the cork at all times (this is the key to avoiding any accidents).

‘Now its time for a little help from your friends – one of you needs to hold the base of the bottle while the other looks after the neck. Pointing away from the party of people, twist the bottle (and not the cork) until the cork gently loosens.’

The drink goes on sale November 1. 

Story sourced from – Daily Mail

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