Adorable dog doesn’t want to LEAVE

Adorable dog doesn't want to leave

Dogs are our best friends and they are super adorable. They never fail to melt our hearts with their cute antics and expressions. A video doing rounds on the internet is a testimony of the same.

Shared on the internet by Reuters, the video featured an adamant dog lying on the road, refusing to move despite its owner pulling the leash many times. Must we add, it is the cutest thing you will watch today.

India Today re-shared the video on Instagram with the caption, “When you’re not willing to go back home, but your master insists.”

Check out the video here:

It was only after the owner’s persistent efforts that the dog finally got up. The video is swiftly going viral. At the time of writing this copy, it had been watched over 6k times.

Going by the video, it looks like that the dog and its owner were out for a stroll and instead of returning home, the doggo just wanted to bask in the sun. It is also possible that the animal was just being lazy.

Whatever be the case, we can’t help but relate this video to the midweek blues; when our inner self refuses to leave the bed. Eventually, we have to get up, just like this dog had to.

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