A Bit of Grace and Decorum: Lewis Capaldi was given Etiquette Training for ‘Grace’ Music Video

Grace and Decorum: Lewis Capaldi was given Etiquette Training for ‘Grace’ Music Video

Lewis Capaldi’s label apparently hired him an etiquette expert to teach him to walk and talk more elegantly.

A spokesperson for the singer-songwriter clarified the trainer was just for the video and his team ‘love him exactly how he is’

The lessons were taken as part of a “jokey video series” for the Scottish singer-songwriter’s 2018 single “Grace”. They included tutorials for introductions at social functions, how to walk appropriately and dining etiquette. 

According to the Daily Record, celebrity party organiser Liz Brewer was paid a five-figure sum for one three-hour session at her home in Chelsea.

“He wasn’t a big star then and didn’t have the reputation he has now,” Brewer said. “But they must have thought he had potential to spend that money.”

“None of the classes included any swearing and he never swore when he was with me. He was a perfect pupil.”

Brewer claimed: “It’s a great shame he feels he has to swear now as he’s a nice guy with huge talent. I think it’s an age thing and I’m sure he will grow out of it.”

A spokesperson for Capaldi clarified: “This was part of a jokey video series filmed around the release of Lewis’ single ‘Grace’ but never released. Lewis’ team loves him exactly how he is.”

Capaldi recently spoke to The Independent about his appearance at the Grammy Awards, anxiety, his debut album Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent, and his ex-girlfriend Paige Turley, who recently won the winter series of Love Island. 

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