90-year-old Woman Inspired To Climb A Mountain in her Own Home

90-year-old Woman Inspired To Climb A Mountain in her Own Home

A 90-year-old woman inspired by Captain Tom Moore has already raised £250,000 for the NHS by climbing a mountain from the comfort of her own home.

Margaret Payne is climbing up and down her stairs as many times as it would take to reach the height of Scottish mountain Suilven.

Margaret standing at the top of her stairs with her walking stick
90 year old, Margaret, climbing a mountain in the comfort of her own home

Appearing on today’s This Morning, she explained to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield why she had set herself the mammoth task.

Suilven is 2,398 feet high, which is the equivalent of 282 trips of Margaret’s 17-step staircase.

It’s likely she will finish the challenge by the end of June having taken 3-4 flights per day at 8.5 feet each time she goes up.

Margaret explained: “Tom was the inspiration, but it was Nicola’s [her daughter] idea that we should do something with my stair walking because on wet and windy days when I can’t go out I go and walk up and down the stairs.”

It was revealed that Margaret climbed Suilven when she was younger with her sister and two friends.

She said: “It’s not really high in fact, compared to other hills.”

On how she’s feeling about the challenge, Margaret admitted: “I just keep on going!”

Margaret’s original fundraising target was £10,000 and she has now raised £255,000 to date.

She said: “It’s amazing and I’m very grateful… A huge thank you. The smallest gift that I have seen is 2p, I think somebody who has sent 2p when they are obviously very poor is amazing.”

Margaret was then joined on the call by Captain Tom, who has raised more than £26 million by walking 100 lengths of his garden.

Elderly man walking with frame
Mr Moore uses a walking frame to help him on his laps of the garden

He told her: “I think it is something that is out of this world, it’s marvellous, something that you would never believe that started with you running up and down your stairs.

“Going up you have to do, but you’ve got to remember you’ve got to come back down again before you go up again, it’s not easy is it?”

Commenting on his own fundraising, Tom added: “I think it’s amazing, it makes me feel very humbled that I’ve raised such interest.

“It isn’t something that you set out to do. We never set out to raise this sort of money, never ever believed that that would happen, but it has and now when you think about the amount of money that everyone has so kindly given for such a good cause for all of our doctors and nurses and staff.

“Doctors and nurses throughout the world who are all having to fight this invisible enemy and the doctors and nurses and everyone they are putting their lives into danger and they’re doing it faithfully, and I don’t think we can thank them enough for all of the good work they’re doing and continuing to do.

“Because at the end of the day, we will get through this war of the disease… and we will eventually feel much better and as the song says ‘We will never walk alone’.”

Captain Tom is currently at number 1 in the charts with his song.

News sourced from: The Mirror

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