£8million apartments on the world’s largest yacht

A "high" life on the ocean wave!

The world’s largest yacht has been unveiled and she’s so big a new category has been coined for her – ‘yacht liner’.

‘Somnio’ will launch in 2024 and, with a length of 222m (728ft), will be easy to spot from the outside. Only a privileged few, though, will get to view the 500million-euro (£430million/$600million) boat from the inside. That’s because she’ll serve as a jaw-dropping floating condo for the super-rich, offering 39 ultra-luxury apartments starting at 9.5million euros (£8.1million/$11.2million).

The identity of the owners will remain a tightly guarded secret, with the chance to buy one of the apartments coming by invitation or referral only.

The chosen 39 will experience a life on the ocean waves like no other, on a boat conceived by two of the world’s foremost architectural and design studios, London-based Winch Design and Tillberg Design of Sweden.

The apartments will be spread over six decks, each one fully customisable. A personal kitchen, gym, a library, inside/outside dining spaces and distinct dressing areas are all potential features.

Shared amenities will also be stellar.

Owners will have access to a ‘spectacular’ 10,000-bottle capacity wine cellar and tasting room, a choice of restaurants and bars, and an onboard beach club featuring water-sports facilities.

A lounge in the ship’s bow, meanwhile, will provide for ‘spectacular views’ when sailing in scenic areas or when entering port.

And full concierge services will be available for both onboard and land-based needs.

A statement for the unveiling of Somnio says: ‘Somnio is the world’s first “yacht liner”, conceived to provide all the benefits of superyacht ownership and finished to the highest possible standards, with onboard amenities reflecting the service and offering only found in the world’s finest hotels.’

The onboard safety standards will be premium, too.

The statement continues: ‘World-class medical care will also be available onboard, providing apartment owners with the highest level of safety away from pandemics and other global risks.’

Once everyone is ensconced onboard, Somnio, with a focus on ‘slow-paced travel’, will set sail for the four corners of the globe, undertaking eco-missions as she goes.

Advanced onboard equipment will help scientists and marine experts conduct research into ocean environments and internationally recognised experts will join Somnio’s itinerary to update owners on the latest global challenges and solutions on key environmental and philanthropic issues.

The pioneering project is being overseen by Somnio co-founder Captain Erik Bredhe, previously Master of M/V The World, to date the only residential vessel at sea.

‘The World has been a phenomenal success, though it is time for true superyacht co-ownership,’ said Captain Bredhe. ‘Somnio will be the only residential superyacht in the world and has been designed to exacting standards that are commensurate with a life of opportunity. Owners will share a truly unique lifestyle at sea, with a hand-picked crew and a never-ending global itinerary of carefully selected destinations and experiences befitting a yacht of this nature.’

Somnio will be the largest yacht in the world, by both length and volume, and powered by the latest clean engine technology. She is currently being built by Vard in Norway, which is part of Italian shipbuilding firm Fincantieri.

More details about Somnio can be found by visiting www.somniosuperyachts.com.

News Source: Daily Mail

Written by Nicky Wicky

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