Furious famous singer throws dinner salad on her opponent.


That’s what a famous singer did…

The country musician reportedly dumped her salad on a girl in a Nashville steakhouse on Sunday.

Miranda Lambert reportedly dumped her salad onto a girl in a Nashville restaurant on Sunday following the girl’s husband got in a debate with Lambert’s friend.

According to a TMZ report released on Wednesday, sources told the outlet that the incident occurred Sunday night in the Stoney River Steakhouse and Grill in Nashville.

The socket reports that the country singer was eating with her mother and a family buddy once the battle broke out.

TMZ reported the argument occurred between Lambert’s buddy and an “Older person,” and the debate began after somebody made “a wise crack about millennials and their phones” in the men’s bathroom at the restaurant.

Sources told the socket that Lambert then “needed to be held back” after the man went up to her desk and “Started screaming.”

According to TMZ, Lambert eventually walked over to the guy’s table and dumped her salad on his wife.

Nashville police confirmed they responded to a telephone regarding two men struggling Stoney River Steakhouse on Sunday evening about 8:00 p.m., even though they can’t confirm Lambert was included.

When cops arrived, the men declined to press charges and no report was filed.

The steakhouse did not immediately respond to request for comment, while a rep for Lambert had no comment on the situation.


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