What seems like a scene from a movie, the FBI is looking for potential bank robbers.


Public works employees in Florida stumbled upon something they do not see every day: a small “claustrophobic” tube heading towards a Chase bank, according to the FBI.

The Pembroke Pines public works employees reacted to a report of a potential sinkhole near the bank on Flamingo Road on Tuesday night and found the tube, which was approximately 50 yards long, with a power cord inside and a small generator in the foot, the FBI said Wednesday.

“It’s approximately 2-foot, possibly 3-foot in diameter.  The tunnel was near a mountainous area south of this bank, which will be in a shopping complex across the road from the tube’s entry.  The tunnel didn’t reach the bank, the FBI said, adding that it’s exploring the discovery because of an attempted bank burglary. No arrests have been
made. I really don’t think they had been doing this for any other reason,” FBI Miami Special Agent Michael D. Leverock.

Public works employees at first thought they had been called to a sinkhole.The tube seemed to be a scene directly from a movie. Or not.  “I want to say that I saw something similar to this from the movies, however, this gap is so small that… it’s unique,” Leverock said.

He added: “You would not be afraid of little places for sure if you were doing

Authorities cut the fence line and discovered that the tunnel’s entrance covered with a wooden pallet, CNN WPLG reported.

Authorities believe more than one person probably dug the tunnel, apparently using pick axes, Leverock explained.

A winch and a small wagon utilized to haul away dirt, debris and stones was found, he stated. Police also found a pair of muddy boots, a little home made ladder along with a stool, based on WPLG reports.

“This is truly a unique case here,” Leverock explained.  Pembroke Pines authorities used a small rover to search into the tunnel, which went beneath Southwest Fourth Street, WPLG reported.

Authorities do not know where the tube ends or when it had been abandoned, Leverock explained. Rainfall over the last few days might have caused it to collapse,” he said. The FBI released photographs of this wagon and generator, trusting the public could help police track down the digger — or even diggers.

Authorities want to speak to them.”So, if someone’s been bragging about this, somebody’s
seen that this wagon, seen a generator and a number of people who are talking about a tube, certainly give us a call,” Leverock explained.


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