Could Starbuck’s Ex-CEO Guarantee a Trump Win in 2020?

1-26-2019 5-21-52 pm

Former Starbucks Chairman and CEO Howard Schultz, who is starting a book tour next week, is allegedly giving serious consideration to conducting a study for a presidential run in 2020 as an unaffiliated candidate, The Atlantic reported on Saturday.

With the field of contenders to challenge President Donald Trump growing daily, Schultz is set to provide an interview on Sunday to 60 Minutes, CBS’s flagship news magazine.

While the community has teased a snippet of the meeting in which Schultz harshly criticizing Trump, the java impresario who flipped Starbucks into a global brand is weighing the notion of an independent bid, according to The Atlantic.

Agents for Schultz did not immediately return CNBC’s petition for comment.

In response to a question from CNBC, a spokesperson for CBS responded: “Watch60 Minutes to see the Howard Schultz interview.”

Speculation has swirled around Schultz’s second action after Starbucks for at least two years, and the 60 Minutes interview might be the latest trial balloon floated by his camp.

The 60 Minutes interview is timed to the release of Schultz’s book, “From the Ground Up,” which weaves together elements of his private biography and his vision for the nation.

CNBC reported in November that the Brooklyn native – who’s worth $3 billion, according to Bloomberg – is building an elite communications team ahead of that which could be converted into a White House campaign.

A key player in Schultz’s growing group is Steve Schmidt, a former vice chairman at public relations powerhouse Edelman who handled Republican Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign in 2008.

So how are people reacting to the possibility of a Schultz presidential run in 2020?



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