Tragic deaths for the cast of Discovery channel’s “Deadliest Catch”


Three fishermen aboard the crab vessel ship Mary B II were declared dead after their boat capsized off the coast of Newport, Ore., on Tuesday, officials said.

It had been intended to be Porter’s ultimate voyage on the vessel, a friend told the Oregonian.

“Josh had spoken to a folks on Friday that this could be his last trip onthe boat and as of this 12th he had a new job lined up,” Celeste Paranto informed the newspaper.

“He told friends the team was inexperienced. These were his words. It’s very miserable. Since he was a responsible man he traveled out on the trip and never returned home. I’m having a hard time with it.”

Lacy and Biernacki were new arrivals to the area and the ship was purchased recently, Taunette Dixon, president of the Newport Fishermen’s Wives band, told the newspaper.

The fatal incident happened after the fishermen requested the U.S. Coast Guard assist them from crossing the Yaquina Bay bar shortly before 10 p.m.”Because of high seas,” Oregon State Police said in a news release.

In 10:13 p.m., authorities got word that the ship “Had capsized with three people on board,” police said.

A Coast Guard crew, which was already about the scene for an escort petition, witnessed the capsizing and quickly went to search and rescue style, Coast Guard Petty Officer Levi Read informed the media.

The USCG Pacific Northwest tweeted the incident as it was happening, saying that responders were”Battling 12 to 14-foot seas” You will find reports of 16 to 20-foot waves as well, Read said.

The first man was recovered about 11:20 p.m. with a Coast Guard helicopter,” Read said.

The individual – identified as Lacy – has been taken into a hospital at Newport and pronounced deceased, according to state authorities.

“The boat Skipper, Stephen Biernacki… was found with the ship and pronounced dead at the scene.”


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